Paintings: Corvinus - Raven with a Ring

Painting on a rice paper
Japanese ink and pigments, gold and silver ink
Size: ~51×51 cm (~20×20 inches)

Moulded on another layer of paper, not framed

This painting depicts a black raven holding a precious ring in its beak. The calligraphy of "Corvinus," which means "raven" in Latin, adds some historical context to the artwork. The painting is also decorated with seal imprint Raven and a seal imprint with a quote from Tao Te Ching, Chapter 70: "[the Sage] wears hair-cloth on top, but carries jade underneath his dress". 

This unique painting will make a striking addition to any art collection, captivating viewers with its subject matter and rich symbolism. Perfect for those who appreciate symbolism in art.

Shipped unframed, in a protective packaging.

€ 340

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