About me

I am an artist working in sumi-e (traditional Japanese painting) and guo hua (traditional Chinese painting) techniques from 2007. Also I create traditional Chinese and Japanese stone seals and have a long-standing interest in Oriental calligraphy. From 2010 I am teaching Oriental painting in classes and workshops.

Currently I am based in Budapest, Hungary. I am a member of the International Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting Society. My works were exhibited in numerous expositions in the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Mexico and Hungary, some of my works got recognition and awards on high-profile international expositions.

The Oriental painting's philosophy deeply appeal to me. I value subtle gradients of ink shades, an expression of every stroke and the originality of the composition, rather than rendering of volume, light and shadow or proportions, so typical for the Western painting. My artistic aim is to reflect the world's versatility and harmony through seemingly simple images of flowers, birds or landscapes.

You can see some of my paintings here, and my stone seals here. I keep the news section of my website up-to-date with upcoming events and exhibition details. You can contact me (and I would love to hear from you!)
You can see some of my artwork for sale in my Etsy store. Also I am active on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, make sure to follow me!


Some short video about my art making process