Corvinus - Raven with a Ring
Mandarin Ducks
Still Life with Eggplants
Red Wine Grapes
Japanese Teapots
Morning Glory
Sunset Lake
無 Mu / Wu calligraphy - Emptiness or Nothingness
Blue Irices
Koi sumi-e
夢 Dream — Handpainted Kanji Calligraphy on an Old Book Page
North American Landscape
Sumie Flowers By The Lake Landscape
Sunflowers — set of 2 sumi-e art pieces
以心伝心 — ishin-denshin — Understanding Without Words
Poppy Flowers
Narcissus for a new spring - scroll
White Chrysanthemum In Snow (1)
White Chrysanthemum In Snow (2)
Sit Down Drink Some Tea — Zen calligraphy
Looking Through Trees
Irises. Triptych
Seashell (Scallop shell)
Snowdrops - scroll
Old Town Flowers
一期一会 - Ichi go ichi e - One time one meeting
First Moths Of Spring - scroll
Torii Gate Sunset
Cannabis Leaves on Vintage Paper
Pink Magnolia
First Dandelions - scroll
Pink Morning Glory (Asagao) Flowers And Two Chickens
Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
Glastonbury Festival Postcards - set of 4