Paintings: Lotus And Dragonfly

Painting on rare grass-paper
Ink and mineral pigments
Mounted, unframed
Size: 42x25 cm / 17x10 inches

Traditional Oriental painting. Handpainted on very rare grass-paper in ink and mineral pigments, mounted, unframed. Signed and stamped with my personal seal. Size: 10x17 inches (approx. 25x42 cm). This is NOT a print or a reproduction, this is my original artwork on a raw handmade rice and grass paper. This paper is unbleached, it has a greenish-brownish hue and is very thin and delicate, any imperfections are part of its beauty. The finished painting is mounted on another layer of the same paper and is ready for framing.

The lotus is the flower of the sixth month and summer. It is a symbol of purity because it rises out of the mud to bloom. Lotus blossoms are often depicted as a throne for the Buddha, and the lotus is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism.  The dragonfly is an emblem of summer as they overwinter in the form of grubs and their temporary existence in the air can symbolize fleeting moments. It is also used to symbolize purity and this makes it a common pairing with the pure, white lotus flower.

This joyous and symbolic artwork will add a hint of Orient to any interior, classic or contemporary.

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