artist and graphic designer

About me

I am Anna Pantsireva, an artist and a graphic designer based in Budapest, Hungary.
I have a special interest in traditional oriental painting (Chinese and Japanese), oriental seal carving, calligraphy and photography.

Oriental painting

I am working in the long-standing tradition traced from old masters of Ming dynasty to Qi Baishi and into the 21st century. Prefer to use traditional techniques and themes typical to 'shang shui' and 'hua niao' styles, but also experiment with more contemporary subjects. I had numerous exhibitions and continually involv in the various activities of the Oriental artistic communities.

Stone seals engraving

Besides the painting, I write some calligraphy and have a special interest in stone seals carving, with over 100 of them in my portfolio. All my seals are hand-carved on stones, each with individual design.

Graphic design

As professional graphic designer, I create logotypes, corporate identity, web design, etc. And also have some photo projects.


For any information please contact me by email